Lighting & Technology: on the Supply & Demand for LED lighting products in the Film and Television Market

Presented by Jamie Crosbie, Manager of Business Development, Cinelease, Inc.

An Inside Look at LED Technology and its application in Motion Picture Lighting

Presented by Chuck Edwards, CTO, Cineo Lighting

Los Angeles, C.A. — On Thursday, April 14, 2016 Cinelease, Inc. in partnership with Cineo Lighting, gave an insider’s look at pioneering, cutting-edge LED technology at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, California. It was en evening of conference and conversation as we focused on the ever evolving challenges of creating high-output, compact light sources that exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools.

LED fixtures for motion picture are not all created equal. It can be the best or the worst lighting on set depending on the fixture. Knowing how to evaluate LED fixtures before using them is the first step in successfully leveraging this exciting new technology. As the juggernaut of consumer LED Lighting pushes for products that are cheaper with higher energy efficiency, the disparity between LEDs for motion picture lighting and general lighting is growing.

In this seminar, we discussed how LEDs are designed and measured and how these factors impact the unique requirements of motion picture lighting. Topics included:

The anatomy of a white LED: the four components inside every white LED that decides the color quality, reliability and performance.

Evaluating color quality and spectrum design, including spectrum analysis and methods used for defining color spectrum quality for the camera

Evaluating the light output of LED fixtures, with discussion about thermal solutions, the advantages lumens vs. LUX and the “Watts Rule of Thumb”