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Introducing the world’s most powerful soft source LED

Since 1977, Cinelease has maintained its reputation as the market leader in lighting & grip equipment, transportation & power rentals to the motion picture and television production industries. Keeping up with its tradition of excellence, Cinelease is proud to introduce the Quantum120 color changing large scale LED soft light. Conceptualized in 2015 by Cinelease, the fixture was brought to life by the engineering team at Cineo Lighting - industry leaders in manufacturing high output, color stable, LED fixtures. This partnership further establishes both companies’ dedication to providing excellent service and products to productions worldwide. 

Now available to rent, exclusively at Cinelease, Inc. 

News and Awards

Quantum120 Awarded "Best of Show" by TVTechnology Europe at IBC 2016 

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Chuck Edwards 

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Manny Martinez

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Quick Specs

Variable CCT



Presets at 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6000K

Environmental Temperature Range

-20º to

+50º C

Max. Temperature Rise: +45º

Output Surface

up to 16ft2


up to 24ft2 (2.2m2) with accessory diffusers




Fixture Size:

48” x 48” x 5.5”

(1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm)

Maximum Output



best price per lumen large scale fixture on the market

Input Power

110 -


1200 watts max. via PowerCon connector

Product Breakdown



With 5,000 LEDS generating 75,000 lumens, no other large-scale softlight can match the output of the Quantum120. The ability to dim at all CTIs means that even the most demanding conditions can be met with total flexibility and no color shift.

Amazing shadow and fill

With 16sq ft (1.5sq m) of output surface and 160º of even spread, the Q120 offers the perfect large softsource, providing smooth, even light across a very wide field. With accessory diffusers (up to 24sq ft), shadow’s rendition is smooth and clean with soft continuous edges and no color shift.

Quantum Mounting


Q120 is supplied with a fully rotational heavy-duty yoke with two brakes. It can be attached to any mounting device that accepts a standard junior pin.

Color Changeability

Color changeability

The ability to continuously blend CTI from 2700K through 6000K with completely controlled output levels gives lighting professionals a tool they can rely on.

65 pounds


At 65 lbs, the Q120 is surprisingly light for its large surface area, making deployment by one man possible. The narrow profile allows numerous fixtures to be stowed in a relatively small space, permitting efficient transport.

Consistent color quality across all CTIs

The Q120’s control electronics and power supplies are designed to assure that the output and color will remain steady and constant, no matter what light level or CTI the fixture is set to. Tests show at Q120 is the most accurate of all sources in its category.

Power Consumption

Power consumption

While it produces up to 75,000 lumens of output, the Q120 only consumes 1200 watts at 110VAC—about the same as a portable hair dryer.


With onboard power and remote and onboard controls, Q120 essentially functions as a stand-alone fixture or part of a larger network controlled through DMX or RDM protocols.

Passive Cooling

Passive cooling

Unique in its class, the Q120 maintains extreme light output while being passively cooled. Using sophisticated LED circuit boards and pass through air flow the Q120 can run continuously with no fan. Passive cooling allows for silent operation on set.

Usage Highlights

The Quantum120 can be utilized to fill several lighting needs including, but not limited to, serving as a:

Key Light

Flood Light

Soft Light

Fill Light

Hard Light

Top Light

Back Light

Front Light

Duratran Light

All in One Set Light

Color Measurements

Color Measurements
Color Turnable CRI Measurement

What The Industry Is Saying

Brandon Alperin, Cinematographer IATSE Local 728

“[The] Output is great. Softness is great with or without diffusion. I loved the ability to be soft and dim without color shift - it’s so fast. More output and less weight… it’s a lumapanel killer.”

Skip McGraw, Chief Lighting Technician Black-ish, IATSE Local 728

“Out of all of the "new school" L.E.D. lighting instruments, I am most impressed by the Cineo Quantum 120. We have used in on stage and location both interior and exterior. Yes, it works great outside as a soft daylight source and indoors, I don't know of any other light with such power while emitting such a soft, wrapping blanket of light- and it plugs into a 20 amp wall outlet. Keep it up!"

Quantum120 On Set


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