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Cinelease Truck Packages

At Cinelease, Inc. we constantly update and expand our stock to reflect the ever growing demands of the lighting and grip industry. In addition to our expansive stock, we also offer fully customizable truck packages to suite your production transportation needs. At Cinelease, you can get a standard expendable package of inventory available to production for use on their project or on an an á la carte basis. From small to large scale productions, Cinelease can help you get there. 

About our Packages

Our Cinelease Truck Packages are:

✓ Pre-loaded

✓ 10, 5, 3 and 1-ton trucks

✓ Standard

✓ Electrical Equipment Add-Ons Available (à la carte)

✓ Customizable

Below, you can find a full inventory list for each Cinelease grip truck package. Please note that all packages can be customized to fit your particular production needs: